A welcome from one of our pupils

Welcome to the Camelford School website. On the website, you can learn all about our school.

Your child will love Camelford Primary School. It   has a magnificent library, which is full of fun, with books your kids will get stuck into and won’t want to stop reading.

The playground is the best! It has lots of fun things to use and fun games we play. Also there is a tuck shop at morning break every day.

Every time you time you go to a new class, you can vote for a girl and a boy to represent the class on our School Council. They try to make the school a better place.

At lunchtime, you can either have school dinners, which are lovely, or you can send your child with a packed lunch. Your choices are a meat option, vegetarian option, jacket potato or school packed lunch.

The teachers are great here - they are really nice. If you are new, they will get a student to show you around. I am sure you will love it here. Everyone here is really nice.

By Millie (Year 5)

Written at Computer Club