We love reading

At Camelford Primary School we love reading. Listening to your child read every night and reading to them is incredibly important. Spending this time with your child each day will make a significant difference to, not only their reading, but their success as a learner across the curriculum.

Accelerated reader

This year, Accelerated Reader (AR) was launched to help further engage our children with reading. The children take a 'quiz' to determine their reading understanding and they are then given a 'Book Level' range. This book level range indicates the books that the children should be reading. The children have been really enjoying the books and quizzes so far, and watch out soon for our new 'Millionaires club'.



Reading challenge

Reading challenge.

Listed below are the top fifty books that are recommended that your child reads. Have a look and see how many of these you can read this year. If you click on the link you can also download a checklist too. Happy reading!