Welcome to our Year 5/6 phase page

Teaching team:

Mrs Smith, Mr Kay, Mrs Rabson and Miss Mcguill.


Miss Godwin, Mrs Smale, Miss Ackroyd, Mr Knowles,Ms Blanchard and Miss Archer

Raid and Invade

This term we are learning about the Viking invasions and raids and their struggle for the Kingdom of England. Our key question that we will be exploring is: Should we remember the Vikings for more than their ability to fight?


Our legacy project for this topic will be to write and produce short films/animations/digital art depicting key Viking events to be showcased at an open cinema event (or indoor cinema) – films to be played on the big screen to paying audiences  and the proceeds to be donated to a cause chosen by you. 

Camelford Page Turners

Our exciting text for our reading sessions this term is Street Child by Berlie Doherty. We are starting reading it during week 1 and we know you'll enjoy it. We will be using drama to explore the first few chapters of the story.

Star of the week

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Reading star of the week

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Times table rock star of the week

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Photos of our exciting learning

We will add photos to this slideshow throughout the term. Please do check back to see what your children are learning. 


This week we have been learning all about French colours, numbers and parts of the body. The children have worked hard to produce their own story book in the style of the French book entitled Grand Monstre Vert. They have been listening to, speaking, reading and even writing in French and are very proud of their end products.

Here are just a couple for you to enjoy at home.

Spelling word lists and TTRS

There is an expectation that the children can spell most of these words by the time they leave us. It would be great it they could practise these at home as well as in school. There are lots of fun games you can play with spellings. Ask your children to show you the games we play in school- they may be able to challenge you to a spelling race!

We are also lucky enough to subscribe to Timestable Rockstars. This is a great online resource that the children love and it really improves children's rapid recall of their times tables in a fun way.