Keeping Your Child Safe:

Here at Camelford Community Primary School we take the safeguarding of our children and staff very seriously.  We use an online platform called Tootoot (linked below) to ensure that pupils, parents and staff can report a concern to our safeguarding lead 24 hours a day, no matter how big or small the concern.  This is a discreet, confidential way of reporting.  Please help us to keep our community safe. 

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Dear Parents,


We have received information from a school in Bodmin regarding five of their pupils being groomed via the game 'Fortnite'. This person has made contact with many children and has been grooming five that the school know about. This has been traumatic for these children as they have been encouraged to perform inappropriate acts and they have been told frightening things that will happen to members of their family if they do not cooperate.

The police have been informed and are currently investigating these cases. They have found that this person has contacted these children via other social media accounts including Instagram as they have shared their details. He has also directed children to his You Tube videos.

Please. please be aware of what games and other media your children are accessing and ensure you and your children are aware of exactly who they are communicating with. Fortunately, this incident was reported and interventions put in place before anything more traumatic happened, There could, of course, been far more serious outcomes.


Please remember:

· Children should only access the internet in the presence of a responsible adult

· Devices should be in areas where they can be easily supervised (not alone in bedrooms)

· Children should only be engaging with games/videos etc that are age appropriate. We frequently hear from children that they are playing games way beyond their age range

Parents/Carers should be aware of who their children are communicating with and ensuring they do not share personal information. A good way of finding out if your children actually know who they are talking to is to ask them to describe who they are communicating with


We are hoping to run information workshops on online safety for parents and children during this school year.

If you have any concerns about aspects of online safety, do not hesitate to contact school.


Yours faithfully,