House teams

When your child begins their Camelford school journey, they will be placed in one of 4 “houses.” They are Trevose, Pendeen, Longships and Godrevy, named after four Cornish lighthouses. Children will be awarded house points for outstanding learning, excellent behaviour, kindness shown to others and great personal effort in their work. If they earn a green card they will be given three house points.

Each week in assembly, a trophy will be awarded to the house that accumulates the most points. The aim of this system is to provide additional motivation and reward as well as promoting the ethos of being a member of a team.

The winning house will also sit on mats in the following week’s assembly and use the new play equipment on a Friday during their break time. The children will also be in these houses for sports day. 



Godrevy song coming soon


Longships song coming soon


Pendeen song coming soon


Trevose song coming soon