We use the 'ISPACE' acronym to help us vary our sentence structure. 


When writing, we think about the vocabulary we use,choose from a range of conjunctions/openers and use a range of punctuation. The acronym 'VCOP' helps us remember all of the different techniques. 

Alan Peat

We use Alan Peat's exciting sentences as it helps to develop of vocabulary and make more imaginative and thoughtful choices.  

Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

We follow a clear plan to ensure coverage of the key skills. We have 2 x 15 minute timetabled slots for the teaching of grammar and punctuation and we have an additional two 15-minute sessions for the teaching of spelling.

We use No- Nonsense spelling to teach spellings at Camelford. Children are set spellings on a Friday based on their spellings from the week, and then are tested on the following Friday. These results are recorded and sent home to parents.

Handwriting is important-

Handwriting is an important part of writing.  Pupils practise handwriting weekly and are encouraged to work towards being awarded a pen licence when their handwriting successfully meets the listed criteria. We encourage children to have pride in their learning, and handwriting is an important part of this. 

  • Cursive 
  • Fluent 
  • Consistent 
  • Evenly spaced and sized 
  • Orientation 
  • Aligned with margin 
  • Parallel ascenders and descenders 
  • We use the programme letter join to support our teaching of handwriting. In KS1 handwriting practise is daily, in LKS2 the are two sessions a week , moving to one session and by Y6 handwriting sessions should be through intervention only as the expectation will be that children’s handwriting will be at the expected standard.
Writing Hall of Fame

Our pupils have been developing their writing skills.  We are very proud of their progress.  We hope you enjoy reading their writing.

Year 3/4 Letter to the Prime Minister

Have a read of a sample of the Year 3/4 letters to the Prime Minister. Mrs Dingle has sent them off to the Prime Minister. I wonder if we will get a response?

Features of a letter?

Can you spot any features of letter writing in Sophie's letter?

Letters of Persuasion

Can Year 3/4 children persuade the government to reduce the use of plastic? These letters certainly use a lot of persuasive techniques. Can you spot any?

Your thoughts?

What do you think of our use of plastic in this country? Speak to the Year 3/4 children and let them know your views.