Six Players That Made Me Love Football

When I am at school and when we go to football tournamnets, I often hear loads of you guys talking about your favourite players. So I thought it might be a nice opportunity for us to tell you about some of our favourite players.

Here is my list and I recommend that you look these players up so you can see how amazing they were. All of these players amazed me when I was about your age and even now I still remember being blown away by their ability to play football, a game which I have always loved. 

If you would like to make me a poster with your favourite players I would love to see it. Send it in to us and lets see if we can make a Camelford Dream Team!

You too adults, lets see what players influenced us in the 'old days'!

Keep safe and be active,


Mr Stevenson

Physical Activity Bingo

Have a look at this! I thought this would be great fun and doesn't need much time or resources. You can just pick up and play.

Make sure you send us your photos of you doing the challenges and times of the time trial activities.

If you take a photo with a Smart phone you can also edit the photo and mark off the different challenges as you complete them!

Skipping Challenge

You've got 60 seconds to skip as many times as you can. Simple, effective and great for your health and fitness. If you don't have a skipping rope don't worry, be creative! What can you find to use?


Make sure you send us any videos of you and your grown ups giving it a go. Maybe we could create a league table!

Keep safe and be active,

Mr S.

Standing Long Jump

One of my favourite events is the long jump and this is your entry level event. Make sure you follow the instructions and measure your distance. Let us know how you get on. You could even send us a video or photo of you trying to beat Greg's Gold winning jump!!

Come on grown-ups, you can have a go as well!

Keep safe and keep active,


Mr S.

Wall Sit Challenge

Good Afternoon,

Here is a nice simple challenge for you today. All you have to do is sit against a wall for as long as you can! 

Make sure to keep those legs thighs level with the gound and legs at 90 degrees. 

Get someone to time you and take a picture. Even better, take a video and email it to us. Can you beat your grown up?

Year 1/2 - 20 seconds

Year 3/4 - 40 seconds

Year 5/6 - 60 seconds

Grown-ups - 90 seconds

Good luck and remember to keep those pictures and videos of you being active coming in!

Keep safe and be active,

Mr S.

Giving it a go!

I couldn't resist it, I had to give it a go. I must say it is pretty difficult with socks. My first go was only 13 seconds! But I gave it another go and did a little better, until I stopped concentrating that is!


Always time for a challenge!

Give yourself a brain break and challenge yourself with a 60 second challenge from our amazing friends at Youth Sports Trust.

If you manage gold, be sure to ask for it to be emailed to us at the school emails to show off our amazing talents. Can you do it a second time and send us a video? You too grown ups!!

Keep an eye out for the 60 second challenge everyday and make sure you record your results.

Each activity provides an alternative method so you can use other equipment in order to complete the challenge. Remember also to use your imagination when finding new equipment, will be nice to see some funny entries.

Keep safe and be active,

Mr Stevenson

Activity Time


I hope you are well and enjoying the sunshine safely in this weird situation that we find ourselves in. I have put on an activity for you to try today with someone you are at home with to make sure you are still keeping active.

Being active helps us in so many ways both physically and mentally and you need to try and do as much as you can in a day alongside your other learning. Take breaks like you do at school and challenge yourself to do something new. I have challenged my class at a keep up challenge so keep your eyes peeled for my video in the next few days.

Alongside any updates on our website, make sure you take a look at Joe Wicks daily PE lessons online at 9 every morning Monday to Friday, a great way to start the day! 

See you all soon,

Mr Stevenson

Activity Resources

With the prospect of more people self-isolating and the potential for future school closures we are aiming to provide whatever assistance we can to allow people to learn, be active and enjoy themselves as much as possible. Please access any of the resources below. We will add more options as soon as we can.

External Link Icon Youth Sports Trust Home Learning Resources
External Link Icon Joe Wicks Daily PE Sessions
Join Joe Wicks as he helps us all keep fit together at this time and forever.
External Link Icon Cosmic Kids Yoga
A great opportunity to take part in yoga and enjoy a range of stories and adventures together. Yoga is great for the mind and the body.
External Link Icon The PE Hub Portal for Parents
The PE Hub Portal has been launched to support parents in leading simple activities at home. No prior teaching or coaching experience is required!

Cornwall Cross Country Qualifiers

Wow!! Just wow!! 

What an event we had on the last day of term over at Wadebridge Secondary School. Never in all the years that I have been involved in this event have I seen so much rain come down and so quickly. This resulted in a muddy, cold and exciting event.

However, this did not limit our amazing team from showing what they are made of in this huge event. Pupils from Years 3,4,5, and 6 took part with nearly 100 pupils from each year group from across North Cornwall. Mrs Smith and Miss Archer clearly coached our team well as we celebrated a top 5 finish in Year 5, a top 20 in Year 6, a top 20 in Year 4 and 2 top 20 finishes in Year 3.

This really is a credit to our school and shows the impact that our clubs are having in developing our aspiring athletes to take part in competitive sport at a county level.

I would like to congratulate the pupils on dealing with some truly horrific weather conditions and also thank the parents who took the team to Wadebridge and also braved the conditions.


Mr Stevenson

Camelford Primary School Football Club

We had our first entry into the ESFA Open Cup in October and I was really impressed with the commitment, attitude and resilience of our team at this event. 

The team played well and fought against some widely experienced teams from schools across the county. The team made significant improvements as they moved from game to game. The players kept there chins up despite some errors and now have some serious experience under their belts ready for further competitions coming up, including our very own tournamnet against the cluster schools in December.

I would like to personally congratulate both the players and thank the parents who took the team to Wadebridge. We simply could not participate in events like thos without your continued support.


Mr Stevenson


We are a leading member of our local school sports cluster and as such, participate in a wide range of inter-school events. We aspire to encourage children to participate in physical activity at both school and at home. Extra-curricular sporting achievements are shared and celebrated in school. We are developing strong links with local sports clubs and establishments in order to help us promote physical activity outside of school.


Our team of teachers and visiting coaches are deployed across a range of sports with skills progression tuition to ensure pupils are well prepared and confident to take part in competition and festivals. We encourage children to adopt healthy lifestyles by funding swimming opportunities for the whole school every year and providing access to a range of after school clubs from Monday to Thursday.


PE in KS1

We focus on the children’s fundamental abilities, these are referred to as the ABC’s (Agility, Balance and Coordination). The ABC’s cover the most important skills young children need to develop in order to progress onto more sport specific skills later in their education. Throwing, catching, controlling their own body weight and moving efficiently in a variety of ways including jumping, twisting, rolling etc.


PE in KS2

PE focus moves towards games and the sport specific skills required. We focus on a type of game each term i.e. Invasion games, Net or Wall Games, Striking and Fielding games, Dance, Gymnastics and Athletics.

Alongside simply teaching a sport like football or netball, we incorporate a range of activities to develop the required skills, so that the pupils develop an understanding that the core principles of attacking and defending remain particularly constant throughout all invasion team sports.

PE Kit Expectations

Children are expected to have PE kit for all lessons. Their PE kit should consist of:

  • White t-shirt
  • Black shorts
  • Plimsolls or trainers.



We advise that children prepare for outdoor PE as we try to get outside whenever possible, even in cold, damp weather. Therefore, it may be advisable to also include:

  • Sport Waterproof jacket
  • Black tracksuit bottoms
  • Spare sweatshirt
  • Spare socks



PE Competition/Fixture Reports & Updates

At Camelford we are active within local competitions and have a desire to promote even more opportunities for all children. We attend a variety of competitive and participatory events locally and County wide. We run our own end of year sports day across two competitions at each Key Stage to conclude our year of sport.

We aim to keep you updated with all things sport and PE via our Facebook page in addition to our school newsletter