Our curriculum is driven by our school’s vision and our 4 core values, which were agreed by all stakeholders including our pupils. 

Inspired by our agreed values, our unique curriculum is designed to inspire our learners.  The curriculum is driven by purposeful learning and real relevance to our pupils within our wider world. Pupils are taught the national curriculum. However, there is an emphasis within their topic based learning for pupils to develop a deep understanding and pride in their community, the environment, their learning and each other.  

We have shaped our curriculum to build connections as pupils progress through school. Each year pupils will study the themes of 'Invasion and Rebellion', 'Christmas Around the World', 'Ancient Civilizations & British Values', 'Environmental Warrior', 'Our World, Our Community' and 'Evolution'.  As pupils move through school, they will study a topic from each theme that will reinforce our values, develop an understanding, build language knowledge and make connections to prior learning. 

Many of our books related to the topics covered and we have an agreed reading spine of books which all children will have studied during their time at Camelford Primary.  Our topics culminate in a legacy outcome where children hope to ‘make a difference, have an impact or leave a legacy’. This approach encourages engagement and ensures children take a real ownership for their learning. The impact of this is that ‘learning sticks’, is durable and lasting.