Our curriculum is delivered through topics within themes.  All of Key Stage 1 and 2 study the same theme at the same time allowing for comparison, conversation around the dinner table and engagement.  Our curriculum design is broad and balanced and progressively builds on skills, knowledge and conceptual understanding year on year.  Enrichment activities and high quality texts are carefully chosen to enhance the thematic learning.  Our Teaching and Learning policy illustrates how we develop learning. The current curriculum framework can be found within this website which continues to be in the development stage.

The school has clear assessment procedures for children in each subject area. Subject coordinators ensure teachers know the age related expectations for each year group.  Pupil's learning is formally assessment termly in maths, reading and writing.

We believe that our curriculum gives children real opportunities to develop key social skills, to understand the difference between right and wrong, to explore their own spirituality, show respect, celebrate difference and diversity and understand the values that underpin a democratic society.  Our topics ensure that our pupils leave us valuing learning, each other, themselves in the world community and the environment- which are our school values.