Camelford Community Primary School

“Where every person matters”

To the parents of all the children in Reception

We are very pleased to welcome you all to Reception and Camelford Primary School!

Starting school is an exciting new experience for your child and we hope they are enjoying it as much as we are. Every term we will be sending home a newsletter which gives you details of activities going on in school and some curriculum information.

During Literacy, we shall be working on

  • Writing our own name using the correct letter formation.
  • Letter names and sounds.
  • Identifying missing words from rhymes and stories with a predictable structure.
  • Recounting and sequencing the main points of a story in order.
  • Identifying rhyming words and rhyming strings.

During Numeracy, we shall be working on

  • Saying and using number names.
  • We will be investigating and describing shapes.
  • Addition, finding one more than a given number.
  • Subtraction, finding one less than a given number.
  • Making comparisons of measure, for instance more/less, longer/shorter.

Our topic work includes

  • Exploring and observing plants and habitats.
  • Walking around our local environment, identifying the main features of the area, collecting ‘treasures’ to take back to our class.
  • Using the digital camera to take pictures.
  • Exploring materials by sorting, cutting and joining.