After Easter, we will be releasing a country each week for you to research. 

Every Friday you can send us your work through email for a weekly showcase! 

Where shall we study first? 

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Accelerated Reader

We hope you can build in time for reading into your day.  This is a great opportunity to get lost in the wonderful world of books. 

In school we use Accelerated Reader to quiz on the books the children read.

Below is the AR link so that your children can log in at home. Each child can log in to their own page and we can track their progress. They are very familiar with it and know how to use it. They have usernames and passwords that they have been using for some time in school so should remember them, but if they have forgotten, just email us and we will give you their login details again.


Children are encouraged to read within their level but that may not always be possible. If you have books at home that they would like to read and quiz on, and you would like to find out the book level, you can go to this link. It will tell you the book level and points value.


If you don’t have a book at home that your child wants to read, you find online texts/eBooks here. They are all free or are allowing free registration for the time being.



This is very useful because you can search by level.  When you register it askes you how you would like to search level books.  Please select AR.


This is last one is by Renaissance, the company that provide Accelerated Reader and is also sorted by book level.

In year 3 and 4, many children will be developing into an increasingly fluent readers.  The focus will be on building comprehension skills, but it is still important that children use their phonics knowledge to tackle new words.

There are many things you can do at home, to help:

Listen to your child reading. At this age, your child might prefer to read independently but listening them to read sometimes is still a worthwhile thing to do. You can help with unfamiliar words and can talk to them about the book to make sure they understand.

Read to your child.  This is still important too. It means that they will be able to hear books they might not yet be able to read themselves. Sharing and talking about books is a lovely way to spend time together and helps them value good books.

Value your child’s choices. This is important even when a book looks too easy or too difficult.  They can often read books that initially appear to be too difficult (especially if the topic interests them). They may well need help with tricky words and to understand at a deeper level.


Below is further information from the AR team which may be useful to you. 

File icon: docx Accelerated_Reader_at_home_information_for_parents_GENERIC (1) [docx 948KB] Click to download


We have decided that it would be good for you all to see our happy faces and do one of the things we all like doing best. Reading stories! Mr Stevenson spoke with Crackington and the Watergate vistors last week and it was decided that The BFG would be a good choice. We will be uploading Chapters as we read them and also some questions and activities to get you thinking about the text and the authors techniques.

You can open the videos in Media Player.

Any questions you can ask your grown ups to message us online and we will respond as quickly as we can. 

File icon: The BFG Chapter 1 [ 193MB] Click to download
File icon: docx The BFG Chapter 1 Questions [docx 12KB] Click to download
File icon: docx The BFG Chapter 2 Questions [docx 12KB] Click to download
File icon: docx The BFG Chapter 3 Questions [docx 12KB] Click to download
File icon: docx The BFG Chapter 4 Questions [docx 12KB] Click to download

Chapter 4 with Miss Dickson and Mr Oakley 


Enjoy! Happy listening!!



Times Tables Rock Stars

Don't forget to practice your tables in the Garage! You could even rock out at a music Festival or on an Arena Tour. Why not challenge your friends in a battle? 

Look out for information about upcoming tournaments! 

If you''ve forgotten your password, use the 'forgotten my password' link on TTRS and I'll email it to your parents/carers. 


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The BFG Chapter 2

Hello everyone! Here is the next chapter of our book.  I hope you are enjoying the story! 


The BFG Chapter 1

Hi there,

I hope you are keeping well. There has been a few concerns in relation to not being able to access the first chapter. 

Please find it here. 

Any problems give me a shout,

Mr S.

The BFG 

Hi everyone

Here is the next chapter of our story.

I hope you enjoy...