Sharing your home learning

We will regularly update this page with photos and videos of any home learning you send to the school emails.


Barkley has enjoyed being outide today!

Daily exercise at the Rathbones

Lucas is busy again!

Dyaln is enjoying his Maths!

Molly's wordsearch

Riley is enjoying his number work!

Rosie has enjoyed her human biology lesson!

Jessica has enjoyed learning about the human skeleton!

Isla having fun talking to her friends on 'Zoom'.

Esme is enjoying shadow drawing.

  Esme also enjoying talking to her friends.

Wow!  Wondeerful drawing and writing Esme!

Outside art work by Evie and Elliot!

Ruby and Jessica

Wow!  What an amazing painting!

James - what a fun Maths game!

Bethany and mum during their daily workout!

William and Ellie - what an amazing sunset!

Well done Elliot!

Esme working hard on her minibeast hunt!

Super work Evie!

Charlie and his nature walk

Bethany and her nature walk collection.

Isabel enjoying a snack during RWI virtual lessons.

Barkley enjoying his daily RWI lesson.

Jessica in Nursery responded to Mrs Bolam's challenge!  Well done Jessica!

Ryan enjoying baking!

Jessica practising counting and colouring!

Ryan is having lots of fun!

Ryan enjoying reading.

Look at Barkley's model!

Rory organising and sorting his cars.

Rory is enjoying baking!

Lucas and his cookies!

Wow Lucas!  He even made a poster to advertise his cookies!

Leon and Malaki enjoying baking together!

Hermione's cookery lesson!

James is looking after the plants too!

James having fun with his dad!

Leiarna-Rose and Charlie enjoying the outdoors.

Reading time!

Charlie is concentrating hard!

A drama lesson in the Eccleston household!

Evie and Elliot busy again.

Izaac, Archie and dad.

Bethany is enjoying her Maths work.

Cameron working hard.

Ally Playing Guitar

Music lessons going well so far.

Tru 60 Second Challenge

Tru taking on the 60 second challenge. Trickier than it looks. Keeping safe and keeping active.

Ally 60 Second Challenge

A good first effort. I think a balloon is needed next time!

Isla enjoying her online ballet lesson.

Isla enjoying her Go Noodle.

Busy working

Evie and Elliot busy working hard.

Evie and Elliot working in the sunshine!

Go Noodle time for the Rathbones.

Sophie and her new friend.

Sophie and Ollie enoying farm life

Maisey working hard with her Maths

Creative time for Luna.

Luna taking part in a RWI virtual lesson.

Oscar completing a reading comprehension online.

Charlie making a bouncy ball!

Charlie taking part in his RWI virtual lesson.

Science with the Kestells

More learning at the Kestells

Time for a break at the Kestells

Archie is keeping busy!

Izaac is busy too!

Keep reading Cayden!

Kianna busy at home with her Maths!

Craft time in the Staneland household!

Maths time for Cayden!