Keeping Active

During this time, it is essential that you keep active as best as you can. I have put some great links on the PE section of our website and will update as I find new and interesting things to keep you both active and entertained.

To find the resources go to the Learning Tab, followed by Overview Curriculum Topics, where you will find Physical Education and Wellbeing.

Keep safe and be active,

Mr Stevenson

Mindfulness Activities

We will be posting lovely activites on here to help children feel more relaxed, happy and calm.  

To get started, try the 'Go Noodle' website where you can get a free login.  Click on 'Flow' or 'Think about it' activities for some mindfulness and yoga.  Go Noodle also has lots of fun, active videos that the children love to do at school! 




External Link Icon Go Noodle

Mindfulness Project

Did you know that giving thanks really helps people feel more positive emotions, makes us relish good experiences and improves our health?

Here is a nice, simple project to keep you busy at home.

Try making a gratitude jar.  You can decorate it however you like - get creative!

Then fill it with little notes.  Write about something you are grateful for today e.g. 'I am grateful that the sun is shining so I can play in the garden.' or 'I am grateful that my Mum helped me with my Maths homework when I got stuck'.  

Don't have a jar?  Then maybe make a gratitude poster instead or perhaps a gratitude tree, with each leaf having a grateful thought on it.  Or you may come up with your own ideas.   Please send us an email of your creations - we'd love to see them!