Welcome to Trevone Class - Year 1/2

Teacher: Mrs Czech

Teaching Assistant: Ms Hasler & Mrs Buckley


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This term, Trevone class have enjoyed reading

The Happiness Tree by Danny English.

Barnaby Bear's Adventures Around the UK

Our Spring term 1 topic is all about 'The United Kingdom'.  Each week Barnaby Bear wrote our class a letter telling us all about one of the four countries of the UK.  Barnaby Bear set us challenges where we had to learn about the capital cities, the flags and the physical and human features.  We carried out research and then used this research to write factual sentences about our chosen landmarks.  In Art, we produced observational sketches of the different landmarks.  We made scrapbooks with all of our learning in.  


These are the books linked to Scotland.  We used the non-fiction book 'All About Scotland' for research and to find out facts about Scotland.  The other books were used during our daily story time.  We especially liked 'Harris the Hero' because it is all about team work and helping each other.


We loved the story 'George and the Dragon'.  We even dressed up and acted out this story.  Our favourite part was when George slayed the dragon to save the princess.


We used the book 'All About Ireland' in our guided reading sessions.  We focused on retreiving facts from different parts of this non-fiction book.  We also enjoyed the story 'Let's see Ireland' because Molly, her family and her cat visited different landmarks.  We especially liked the part when they visitied 'The Giant's Causeway' because we had already learnt about this physical feature.  We used 'Google Earth' to find 'The Giant's Causeway'.  


We have loved listening to stories about dragons in Wales.  

Our Scrapbooks

We shared our scrapbooks with the other classes in our Year 1/2 phase.

Tyler and his scrapbook

As you can see, Tyler is very proud of his scrapbook.

Barnaby Bear

We loved receiving letters from Barnaby Bear each week.

Our Learning Journey

We displayed our letters from Barnaby Bear and our learning on our 'Learning Journey' display.

Scones, Welsh cakes and shortbread

We enjoyed baking scones, Welsh cakes and shortbread.

As part of our celebration day, we had a picnic and tasted the scones, Welsh cakes and shortbread.

We liked the shortbread because it was sugary and crunchy.

We even shared our picnic food with our parents/carers when they came to our special assembly.

We loved sharing our scrapbooks with our friends.

We loved sharing our scrapbooks with our families.

Children in Need

Today (Friday 15th November) is Children in Need day.  We have been learning all about 'Children in Need' and what this charity is all about.  We talked about how lucky we all are and how unfortunately some children are not as lucky as us.

We decided to write an acrostic poem about 'Children in Need'.  We worked together as a class to share our ideas and write this poem.  We hope you like it!

Our sponsored work-out!

We completed 4 'Jo Wicks' exercise work-outs from the 'Children in Need' website.  Each work-out was 5 minutes long and was made up of 5 different exercises with short rests in between.

The photos might be a bit blurry as we were constantly moving and working up a sweat!

We did star jumps, mountain climbers, jogging on the spot, high knees and lots of other exercises too!


We have worked together as a class to write a descriptive riddle.  Can you guess what is is about?

What am I?

I wriggle and jiggle.

I love to dance.

You might see me flickering in the distance.

My colours are red, orange and yellow.

But sometimes I turn blue and purple when I’m really angry!

I can make people scream and run away when I out of control.

But when I am safe, you can hear me crackle and pop.

I can make you cough and my smoke can make you lost.

Beware … I can hurt you because I burn!

What am I?


By Trevone Class

During storytime, we have also been reading stories and information about London.

We have read 2 amazing stories, which we recommend to read.

'A Walk in London' by Salvatore Rubbino and 'Katie in London' by James Mayhew.

Although these books were both stories about adventures in London, they also gave us information about the city and helped us to imagine what it may be like to live there!

We recognised lots of famous landmarks, like 'Big Ben', 'The Tower of London', 'The London Eye' and 'Buckingham Palace'.


We are reading stories by the famous author, Julia Donaldson.

At the end of every day, we have stroytime.

We have been reading and listening to stories written by Julia Donaldson.

Take a look at some of the stories we have read.


My favourite story is 'The Troll'.

It has got wicked pirates and the monster steals the gold.  It's exciting!


My favourite story is 'The Gruffalo'.

All the pictures give us lots of information and I like the song.  The pictures have funny faces.


My favourite story is 'A Squash and a Squeeze'.

I like it because it's funny with all the animals in the house.



My favourite story is 'The Gruffalo's Child'.

I really like the pictures of the child as he's really cute!

Our Learning Journey

This display shows our learning through our topic...

Our Role Play

Pudding Lang Bakery

Our English Learning Wall

We use this to help us!

Our London Small World

We know about lots of famous London landmarks.

Our Role Play

Our Maths Learning Wall

We use this display to help us during our lessons in Maths.

Our visit to Delabole Fire Station

Our amazing home learning projects!

Den Building in Science

We worked in teams to build a den for Barnaby Bear and Portland Bill.

In Science we have been learning about materials.

We had to think carefully about the properties of the materials we were using.


We use different equipment and resources to help us in our Maths lessons.

Look how we can make each number using Numicon, tens and ones, a beadstring and tens frames.