Welcome to Tintagel Class - Year 5/ 6

Teacher: Mrs Smith

Learning Support Assistants: Miss Godwin



Welcome Tintagel

Hello Tintagel,

We really hope you have had a fantastic summer holiday. We are really looking forward to welcoming you back and hope you enjoy the poem below:


I bet you’re now ready to learn some more,

What a fabulous term we have in store!

Our new terms topic is WWII,

There’ll be lots to learn and lots to do.


“Who is Anne Frank?” I hear you say,

“Why were the evacuees sent away?”

What was life like for children back then?

What did families do without the men?


We’ll have a Wartime in Britain Day,

You’ll cook, knit, taste tea and even play,

You’ll be able to dress up as an evacuee,

You’ll learn so much, just wait and see!


Ask lots of questions and I am sure,

You’ll learn all the above and even more!


See you soon

Mrs Smith and Miss Godwin

UKS2 Art Exhibtion

Year 5 and 6 were inspired by Kandindky's art work during art week and impressed us with their skills to create their own masterpieces. We hope you enjoyed the exhibtion as much as we all did.

Science at Sir James Smith's 

During the spring term, the Year 5 and 6 classes have the opportunity to complete thier science learning at the secondary school. This week our class explored electricity, and managed to complete a circuit to light a bulb. We also added a swtich and buzzer to our circuits and predicted what would happen if you add more power. It was great fun!