Welcome to Tintagel Class - Year 5/ 6

Teacher: Mrs Smith

Learning Support Assistants: Miss Godwin

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Welcome Tintagel

We really hope you had a good rest over the holidays and we are really looking forward to the spring term.

When I think back to the autumn term, we had such a busy, wonderful term. We were the first class to have a class assembly, we visited Davidstow War Museum, Y6 went to TIntagel castle, we dissected a pigs heart, we learnt lots about The Battle of Britain and we put on an awesome play at the village hall plus much more!

As a school, we launched accelerated reader, and you have all completed several quizzes and are moving through the levels and making progress with your reading. 

In maths, 12 of you have achieved a new '99 club' badge. You are all making progress towards your new badge though, so keep persevering. 

We have lots to look forward to this term- welcome back!

Mrs Smith and Miss Godwin

Our class book

We are really enjoying reading 'The Explorer' in Tintagel class at the moment. We have been predicting what might happen next. We use the 'VIPERS' acronym to help us with our reading comprehension.





I- Infer


E- Explain

R- Retrieve

S- Summarise 

Science learning

We have been learning about the properties of materials. We combined bicarbonate of soda with vinegar and together they created a chemical reaction. A gas was formed (carbon dioxide) which 'blew up' to create a giant's hand.


It was a great investigation and the children were using lots of great vocabulary to explain what had happened. 

Muddy water investigation

We completed an investigation to see who could get their muddy water the cleanest. It was open ended and we quickly realised we needed to use different materials to try and remove the particles. The children learnt how to separate mixtures through filtering out the particles.