Welcome to Tintagel Class - Year 5/ 6

Teacher: Mrs Smith

Learning Support Assistants: Miss Godwin

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Welcome Tintagel

Hello Tintagel,

We have had such a fantastic start to this year so far. Miss Godwin and I have really been enjoying getting to know you all and we think you are a great class!

You have been really enjoying reading the book 'Friend or Foe' and we finished it this week and now we are writing newspaper reports which we are hoping Camelford and Delabole Post will publish.

Your class assembly was awesome - the first class assembly at Camelford Primary School. You should be feeling proud of yourselves. I know you were nervous, but you did it! Thank you to all of the friends and family who came to watch. 

We hope you enjoyed the class trip to the 'Davidstow at War museum'. It was a bit cold and windy but still, it was fun and we learnt lots too!

16/24 of you have now achieved your first reading sticker, and 9 of you have read 20 times and earned your second sticker. Really proud of 3 of you who have read 30 times already! Well done.

In maths, 8 of you have already achieved a new '99 club' badge. You are all making progress towards your new badge though, so keep persevering. 

You have also been learning some German with Miss Godwin and making progress at touch rugby! 

After half term, we have lots more fun learning, including making some clay poppies and learning about light.

 Auf Wiedersehen for now! 

Mrs Smith and Miss Godwin

Dissecting a pig's heart

We had a really interesting science lesson today. A paramedic came into school and talked to us about our heart, and dissected a pig's heart. We saw the four chambers of the heart and the valves and veins. Most of us found it really fascinating but a few of us thought it was a bit gross! 


Science learning about the heart

We learnt about the heart today. We are learning to identify and name the main parts of the human circulatory system, and describe the functions of the heart, blood vessels and blood. To help us with our learning, we watched a video about the heart and we also made hearts from playdough. We learnt that the heart is made up of four chambers:
The left atrium
The right atrium
The left ventricle
The right ventricle

and we considered the following questions:

What does our heart do?

How does it do it's job?

How important is our heart/the heart of any living thing?

How can you feel your heart beating? 

Can you count the beats?

Children in Need

We raised money today by having a book and cake sale. We also brought in some money for our class sponsored activity and we chose to complete a 'plank' challenge - we hope you enjoy the photos. Inspired by Bossiney class, we also completed a 5 minute sleep challenge that the children really enjoyed!

In class,we learnt about the origins of Children in Need and used our computing skills to create powerpoints including important information.


File icon: pptx courtney nicole [pptx 1MB] Click to download
File icon: pptx Nate and Daniel [pptx 88KB] Click to download

Art inspired by Paul Cummins

We were inspired by Paul Cummins so we have created our own clay poppies.

PE dance

Year 5/6 Remembrance

We walked to the town centre and showed our respect for Remembrance Day and took part in a two-minute silence at 11am to remember the people who have died in wars. 

Armistice Day is on 11 November and is also known as Remembrance Day.

It marks the day World War One ended, at 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month, in 1918.

There is also Remembrance Sunday every year, which falls on the second Sunday in November.

Our 'Piano' writing

We hope you enjoy reading extracts of our piano narratives.

'Golden Time'

TIntagel class have 'Golden Time' on a Friday afternoon at 2.30pm and we have a lot of fun. We often play board games, a class favourite is chess. Often, we will play outside on the trail and with equipment. We also like to read in our book corner and we also enjoy drawing, colouring and writing. 

The Piano

We watched the short film called the Piano as we are using this clip as a writing stimulus. The children have found it very moving and sad in places. We imagined we were the gentleman from the film today and thought through some questions we might ask him. After that, we posed as him and we were 'hot seated' and had to respond as if we were him. The responses were fantastic and we were really impressed. 

You can watch the film by following this link 


Goodnight Mister Tom

We will be starting to read Goodnight Mister Tom next week written by Michelle Magorian. The children really enjoyed our recent novel study 'Friend or Foe' and I hope they will enjoy this new book too. 


We had a great first dance lesson! We performed actions and skills with consistent control and quality as we imagined snowboarding through the alps as the moves are inspired by winter sports - skiing, snowboarding, figure skating, bobsleigh. It was a lot of fun!


We are learning about light and we are trying to prove or disprove that light travels on straight lines. We also had a discussion about opaque, transparent and transluent objects. We are now beginning to set up an investigation to prove that light does travel in straight lines.

Hot seating

We have a lot of fun during our English lessons and during one lesson we learnt how to take on the role of one of our characters in our story. We wrote open ended questions and then asked them to the characters in the hot seat. The responses were so mature and thorough which meant our questioning was good too! Well done Tintagel class. 

Samba drumming

We have been really lucky this term as we have been learning how to play the SAMBA drums. We have learnt lots of different rhythms and we have had the opportunity to play all the different sized drums. We are hoping to have a performance at the end of term. 

Maths learning

When we were learning about negative numbers, we used the thermometers. We put them in the freezer and then read from the scales and we found out that a freezer keeps food a lot colder than we thought!


Class trip to 'Davidstow At War Museum'