Early Years Unit!

Teachers: Mrs Capehorn, Miss Evans & Mrs Finch

Teaching Assistants:

 Miss Palmer, Mrs Bishop, Mrs Mosca

Miss Gregory (Nursery Nurse)

Mrs Gilbert (Nursery Nurse)

Nursery and Reception

Providers of Outstanding Care and Early Years Education for Children from 3 Years old.

Welcome to the Foundation Stage Unit at Camelford Primary School. We look forward to a long and happy association as your child begins with us at the unit. The foundation stage is the period of education from 3 to 5 years and incorporates children in the Nursery and Reception classes.

Every child is unique and children arrive in school at very different stages in their development. By working alongside parents we aim to assess the development of each individual child and develop their abilities and potential as fully as possible in a fun and engaging way. We aim to develop thoughtful and responsible young people with high self-esteem and the skills and knowledge to succeed in life.

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any further questions or concerns ~ we are here to help.

Benefits Of An Early Years Unit

A major benefit of working as a Unit is that children are able to work on adult focus activities that are appropriate for their stage of development. We can arrange groupings so that children learn what they need to learn, when they are ready to learn it. Nursery children may work alongside reception children if it is appropriate and vice versa. Groupings are more flexible to benefit the children and staff can provide opportunities that are challenging and meet individual needs.

When playing, younger children benefit from playing alongside older and more experienced children. Older children benefit from working with younger children, for example, by explaining how to play a game. Children are able to access appropriate resources and are given the time and space to develop at their own pace.

The Unit further benefits children as they are in the same part of the school for a longer period of time. This makes the first few years of education a time of emotional security which builds confidence and reduces the stress which can be caused by transition. Children have familiar routines and work with the same team of familiar adults.

Starting In The Early Years And Foundation Unit

Starting school is an important milestone in a child’s (and their parents’) life. By being positive and helping your child to look forward to school, you can help to make the experience a happy one. We offer a home visit to children starting in nursery and this helps to build initial relationships between staff, children and parents.

All children are offered home visits before they start nursery with the aim of introducing the child to the nursery staff on his/her own familiar home territory. However, these visits are entirely optional and of course you are under no obligation to invite us into your home. However, we do find that the children really enjoy showing their toys and pets to us and often refer to the visit later on. We offer a short home visit (approx. three quarters of an hour) which can ease the transition from home to school and also provides a valuable opportunity for you to exchange information with us.

Your child can start nursery immediately after his/her’s third birthday if there is a place. Before your child starts you can choose to make several visits to nursery together. Children are invited to stay for short sessions before coming for a full morning or afternoon and parents are welcome to stay with their child.

Parents are encouraged to be involved in their child’s education. We want you to feel welcome in the unit and at the start of the day, you will be encouraged to stay with your child and play with them until 9.10 a.m. Activities are set up for this time, such as puzzles, sharing books, number and listening games. This will also give you the opportunity to look at displays on the wall and talk to staff. Of course, we appreciate that some parents will be unable to stay due to work commitments.


We offer 15 hours free childcare for 3 & 4 year olds with additional hours available to purchase if required

We open from 8.40am to 3.00pm during term time and can offer a range of times to suit you.


Parents can choose to take their 15 funded hours as mornings only or a mixture of mornings and afternoons, or whole days.

Your child is entitled to 15 free hours of nursery education. Listed below are the following combinations available.

Morning session (3 hours) ~ 8.40-11.40

Afternoon sessions (3 hours) ~ 12.00-3.00 (afternoon session will include lunch, children are free to arrive at 11.40, allowing them plenty of time to get ready and eat their lunch)

Full day session (6 hours) ~ 9.00-3.00

classroom will be open from 8.40

Morning session with lunch (4 hours) ~ 9.00-1.00

classroom will be open from 8.40

Extra sessions can be bought at a cost of £3.00 an hour. 

Please do not hesitate to discuss the above options with Mrs Capehorn or Miss Evans if you would like to.


Doors open at 8.40 a.m. (parents are welcome to stay and play until 9.10)

Lunch is from 11.50-1.00 p.m. Children can have a school lunch or bring a packed lunch.

Reception finishes at 3.05 p.m.

What Will The Children Be Doing?

Children will participate in a range of activities:

Adult-initiated activities: these are activities which are set up by the adult, for example, sand tray set up with a particular focus.

Adult-directed activities: activities led by an adult, for example, maths games, writing and reading activities.

Child-initiated activities: these are activities that the children choose to do.

Children will enjoy a balance of adult-led and child-initiated activities and will have opportunities to work as a class, in small groups and individually.

They will have access to sand and water play, imaginative role play and small world toys, painting, drawing, play dough, cutting and sticking, puzzles, construction, writing and number activity areas, book corners, listening post, computers and interactive whiteboard, bikes and scooters, climbing, throwing and catching….. just to name a few of the activities that are always available!

Adults will assess children’s needs, abilities and interests through observing them in their play and from these observations, will plan ‘next steps’ for the children.

Working Together

We believe that it is very important that parents and teachers work closely together as sharing our knowledge of the children will enable us to plan an appropriate and challenging curriculum.

We aim to provide a range of opportunities to inform you about your child’s progress and the activities they are involved in:

Parents’ evenings: these take place each term

Curriculum displays: these provide examples of planned activities. We also display an outline of our current activities.

Learning Journey’ books: these are always available for you to look at/ share with your child/ contribute to.

Informal discussions: staff are generally available to talk to you at the beginning and end of the session. If you need to talk to us privately, please see us at the start of the day so that we can arrange a time to talk to you.