Reading - The Challenge

AN UPDATE : As of 14.10.19 - 15 of the children have so far collected their first sticker. This is a FANTASTIC effort but we would really like to see 25 out of the 25 children with their first sticker by the end of this half term. Please continue to sign their diaries and encourage them to read as much as possible. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Two weeks in and a good start to the new reading challenge that the whole school has adopted and Fistral Class have been outstanding in their approach to all things reading.

We have been reading the superb 'Friend or Foe' by Michael Morpurgo. The book is all about two young evacuees who are transported from their home in London to live with Mr Reynolds in the beautiful Devon countryside. There, the children are sure they've spotted an enemy aircraft crash land. No one will believe them so it's up to the boys to prove their eyes didn't deceive them. A truly wonderful read.

Reading Records

After 10 recorded reads, signed by an adult at home, children will be awarded a sticker, which will be stuck on the back of their red Reading Record books. We are actively encouraging children to read at home with you as having the ability to read and comprehend with ease will benefit your child in everything they do. 


Shadows  Shadows

Shadows! They follow us around and get bigger and smaller as the light upon the object moves closer or further away. These were some of the thoughts of the children as we embarked upon discovering about shadows.

The children were shown some statements as a possible starting point for their shadow investigations.

These ranged from:

  • The shorter the distance, the greater the shadow
  • Not all shadows appear black
  • The more powerful the light, the greater the shadow
  • And a whole host more!

Despite the classroom being operated by a motion operated light system, the children used their fantastic minds to find the darkest places within the classroom to test their theories!

Some fantastic scientists in the making.

Clay Poppy Making - an update

Inspired by the work of the fantastic Paul Cummins (type his name into google and you'll remember the fantastic poppy exhibition he created), the children began to experiment with and create their very own poppies. Once created out of clay, they will then be painted.

These will be ready in time for Remembrance Day.

As you can see from the first photos, the first time we used it was an 'experiment' to get used to the clay! It didn't quite go to plan but the children loved it and if at first you don't succeed, keep on trying!

Check back for updates.

Samba, Samba, Samba!

We are thrilled this term to have had the opportunity to learn and take part in some Samba drumming lessons.

Over the course of the weeks, the children have learnt to play and use a variety of instruments (I won't try and embarrass anyone by asking them to label all of the instruments or even spell them to you, as they are very interesting sounding words!).

The children have absolutely  LOVED the sessions and we can't wait to take part in more music lessons throughout the year.

A moral dilemma ...

Whilst reading the fantastic 'Friend of Foe' as part of our literacy curriculum this term, part of the story involves one of the main characters being rescued by an enemy of the country during that time period.

The children were posed with a question of: 'Should David help the Germans who saved him?' - (if you're a bit confused, let me explain. The main character and his friend were in a spot of danger, whilst they were out looking for a plane that they saw crash! The people who rescued the boys were the exact people they were looking for; they were also the people who the boys' country were fighting!)

Wow! Their ideas and explanations were quite simply fantastic. However, what was more pleasing was how the children engaged in conversation with each other. They carefully thought out their reasons for or against helping the pilots who saved David from danger in the river and there were some fantastic reasoned arguments from both sides.

After hearing some of their arguments, I'm sure these children could solve the current dilemmas facing our country today ...

Term 1 - What have we been doing so far?

Wow! What a start the children have had so far. Two weeks in and they are flying!

We have begun reading the fantastic 'Friend or Foe' by Michael Morpurgo in our writing lessons, which has tied in nicely with the termly topic of World War 2. Children have learnt about evacuation and what it meant for those of a similar age to be removed from their homes and taken to safety when the threat of war loomed in 1939. 

In maths, the children have been recapping and advancing their knowledge on place value, rounding, negative numerals and also Roman Numerals. 

In science, the children have been proving how light travels. It was truly amazing to hear their suggestions on how they believed light travelled and they came up with some wonderful investigations, if not slightly bizarre! I can safely say that they have very creative and imaginative brains.

Overall, a fantastic start and Mrs Smale and I are delighted. Keep it going, Fistral class!