Welcome to Crackington Class -Year 3/4


Mr P Stevenson

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Mrs Williams

Miss Blanchard

Mr Knowles

World Book Day 2020

Wow, What a day! Well done to everyone who dressed up and thank you for sharing your stories with the class. In Crackington, we decided to make a film trailer about our day and experimented with ICT to create a video. We used story boards and used our knowledge of our characters to design and make the following video. We hope you enjoy it!

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We have been using nature and the outdoors to help us with our maths this term and have been trying to get at least one lesson a week outside. 

Using nature to inspire our learning ensures that we are aware of our surroundings and make use of the fantastic grounds we have at our school and gets some exciting learning to take place.

"I love being outside as it helps me concentrate better."

Year 4 Pupil



We have been reading and answering questions on George’s Marvellous Medicine. We have been worming through a chapter a day and answering six questions based on what we know already, what we think we know and what we have discovered. We have been using evidence from the text to prove our answers. We have also been reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory alongside our English lessons. This means that we have explored settings and character descriptions before making our own characters come to live in our writing.

Crackington's Cracking Day Out

What a fun-packed day we had at the Eden Project!

We learned all about the cacao plant and the history of chocolate.  We started with the Mayans and the Aztecs, who first discovered the cacao plant and that they made a spicy, hot chocolate drink out of it.  They also used cacao seeds as a form of money!  Then Christopher Columbus sailed across the ocean blue in fourteen hundered and ninety-two, where he was the first European to come into contact with cacao.  We also found out that the Spanish started flavouring it with cinnamon and sugar.

In the morning, we explored the biomes and found loads of different methods of transport and thngs to eat. We went all the way to the top and even found a bridge that got surrounded by a cloud, we coundn't even see each other.

The waterfall was amazing too and we got a bit wet as we made our wish!

In the afternoon, it was great fun (and really hot!) exploring the Tropical biome, searching for clues and getting dressed up in costumes!