Our School Promises

We are safe.

We are ready.

We are respectful.

Back to school on Tuesday 23rd of April - Bank Holiday May 6th - Year 6 SATs Week begins May 13th.

Year 6 Parents

Our Year 6s are brilliant.  They have been working so hard and making such progress this year.  Please continue to support their learning by encouraging them to do 10 minutes of maths per day over the Easter holiday.  No pressure but these exercises are designed to keep their learning ticking over while they are away from school.  We only have 3 weeks left before our infamous SATs and 6 weeks before we start our transition into secondary school.  Praise your children.  They are amazing. 

File icon: pdf Ten-for-Ten-KS2-Maths-Practice-Booklet---Working-Towards [pdf 5MB] Click to download
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File icon: pdf Ten-for-Ten-KS2-Maths-Practice-Booklet---Expected-Standard [pdf 6MB] Click to download
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File icon: pdf Ten-for-Ten-KS2-Maths-Practice-Booklet---Greater-Depth [pdf 5MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Answer-Pack---Greater-Depth [pdf 178KB] Click to download

 "We Are Artists" Art Exhibition at Camelford Primary

Friday April 5th from 2pm visit our first annual whole school 'We are Artists' Art Exhibition which will take place throughout the school.  Parents are asked to collect children from classroom then enter into the school building to wander and admire our talented artists' work.

March 25 until April 5th will see Camelford Pupils exploring famous artists and expressing themselves through different mediums including paint, charcoal, clay, papermache and more.  

Internet Safety - Update Warnings for Parents

‘Momo Challenge’ concerns

We have had concerns expressed by a few children and parents about the ‘Momo Challenge’ which is currently circulating around social media and online gaming. Momo is a longstanding internet character that has been used to prank or scare people in the past. Recently, it has been used for more sinister purposes. The reports we received said children were sent a message with a picture of the Momo character with a series of instructions relating to self harm and even suicide. Those receiving the message were told to follow the instructions or they would be visited by the Momo character. This has understandably upset some children.

Messages of this type should not be able to get through the school internet filtering system, so it is down to parents and carers at home to be vigilant about children’s access to the internet and social media. The minimum age for children to have a Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat account in the UK is 13 and the minimum age for a Whatsapp account in the UK is 16. Most of the Momo messages have been sent via these routes, particularly Whatsapp.

If your children do have access to social media accounts or are gaming online, please reinforce the concept of age appropriate material and to report anything that is not appropriate. And, of course, if they do receive the Momo challenge message, children should not respond or accept as a friend the person who sent the message and should be reassured that this is a fictional character who will not cause any harm so any instructions that accompany such a message should be ignored.

Maths Number Day at Camelford Community Primary School

Sign to Sing - Joining together to make a difference.

We Offer an Engaging Rich Curriculum

Camelford  Wins CAPH Primary School of the Year at PE and School Sports Conference

Welcome by Two of Our Pupils

Welcome to the Camelford School website.  On this website you can learn all about our amazing school.

Our school is very welcoming.  Staff and pupils are kind, helpful and friendly. 

Our classrooms are named after Cornish beaches; Daymer, Harlyn, Summerleaze, Trevone, Crackington, Lundy, Watergate and Port Isaac.  We display our learning on the walls, making them bright, colourful and helpful.

Our cook is friendly and makes delicious lunches.  The food choices are vegetarian, meat or jacket potato.  The desserts are scrumptious and fruit salad is always available.

Playtimes are filled with fun.  Each class has a sheltered area of their own, which has a bench for quiet time. There is a wide variety of equipment that we can use at lunchtimes.  Markings on the playground floor includes alphabet and number caterpillars, chess and draught squares and a number square.

Classes take it in turns to play football. If it is dry, children get to play on the field.  In wet weather, we have indoor activities in the classrooms.

We have a number of different assemblies; praise, singing and class.

We hope you love our school as much as we do!

Year 6 


99 Times Tables' Club

Go for Green Behaviour Posters

Our pupils shared their understanding of 'Positive Behaviours for Learning' during last month's Poster Competition.  Pupils are really getting good at recognizing the key elements to a successful learners and a happy school - kindness, helpfulness, focus, attention, resilience and determination.  Check out class' pages for more entries.  We are proud of our learners.